We close communication gaps between companies and communities.

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The Way of the hummingbird.


Influence is the language we speak. For example, having influence means we understand the perspective of both the tribal elder who is concerned about the land, and the need for infrastructure and progress through your organization. Having influence also means we can connect seemingly different goals of communities and help them work together toward solutions.

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Translating Cultural Mindsets

What we do.

We build trust across cultural boundaries by moving like a hummingbird. It’s the only bird that moves forward, backward, and straight up.

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Modern Day Strategies for Community Engagement

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Get the resource that provides helpful guidance for bringing together various perspectives and finding the common linkage to create community engagement that works.

Invest in your ability to effectively create a community engagement strategy that will have maximum impact and foster long-term, productive relationships.

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in industry & diversity

MaKara leaves me tired but in a good way!
She has an agenda and always has it all planned out. MaKara is really high on energy and that is key in this field.

Jewell A. HarperEnvironmental Justice Activist and Former Senior Advisor at USEPA
MaKara is a true professional! Her brilliance and experience shines through! Every project has been well planned and executed! Looking forward to the next opportunity to work together. Thank you!
Deborah ScottExecutive Director of Georgia STAND-UP
In addition to the strategic facilitation and capacity building support, MaKara and her team bring deep understanding of the community conditions that impact equity-centered work. This provides a unique layer of support.
Chandra FarleyJust Energy Director, Partnership for Southern Equity
“I believe that the value-add Hummingbird brought to the Murphy project was impactful and aided in the smoothness of the process, reaching consensus with the community.”
Beth McMillanVice President of Community Planning & Engagement Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Murphy’s Crossing Facilitation

The top focus for community engagement should be to put oneself in the community’s shoes. You have to understand what the communication style needs are and remain nimble – like a hummingbird.

MaKara Rumley, Esq., Founder & CEO

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